Unless a profession offers student loan forgiveness, there will be a student loan debt payment for many, many years so it’s a strong suggestion that you save for it. 

If at all possible, setup an automatic student loan debt payment.

Making an effort to establish some savings in any amount will create a habit. 

At the end of every payment celebrate by noting the occasion. Whether with a dinner at home with friends, or simply keeping a calendar, successful, on-time loan payments should be monitored carefully. 

Keep track of and note interest rates. For questions about what can be done to diminish student loan debt, if anything, consult only with a student loan law attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable.

Deciding that bankruptcy is your only option can be stressful but it can also be cathartic if you realize that you’ve made the right choice. 

Part of your choice is learning whether you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

Next you want to know what happens to your assets in each kind of bankruptcy.

Winter Park, Florida, attorney and partner at Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L., Eric Lanigan, explains some of the diferences in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. 

Call for an appointment 407-740-7379 and find out what is best for your situation. Everyone has different financial and economic situations. When you invest in a consultation, do the best for yourself by getting a specific answer.

An Australian fund seeks $67 million it said it lost in a deal and $1 billion in punitive damages from Goldman Sachs alleging false securities statements. 

Student Loan Debt Settlement Part 1 in Series

Student loan debt is staggering people’s finances and crippling their ability to move forward. Eric Lanigan explains the steps that Lanigan and Lanigan takes to first, determine the route that will be taken to handle the debt that has accrued on a student’s loan. 

What if you could pay what you can afford, vs. pay the monthly fee that is sent to you? If you’re experiencing financial difficulties and cannot pay what you owe, call Lanigan and Lanigan BEFORE the debt gets out of control. 

Your options close quickly! There is a very small window in which to work on tackling the debt. Take care of it now. Call 407-740-7379. 

Mortgage refinancing is a complex pursuit. The paperwork, documentation, proof of income, assets—you’re looking at the process you went through when you bought your house—times ten!

You’re asking in many cases for a decreased or forgiven principal as many Americans are living in upside down homes. 

You’re asking for a lower percentage rate, a principal deferment, forgiveness of a second or third mortgage. 

The bank has hired the toughest attorney possible to handle the refi. Homeowners should hire an attorney too. 

Read the final in our six-part series on Mortage Refinancing led by Non-Attorney Rich Marquez. Rich is a mortgage workout agent who came to Lanigan & Lanigan in 2007 to help structure mortgage refinance packages. 

Rich knows what banks and lenders want because he spent years on the other side of the paperwork in the mortgage approval industry. 

Rich works for the Lanigans to help prepare files for lenders who want complete, accurate and thorough documentation for every refi. 

Rich said that the key is proof of income and being able to provide a mortgage alternative that the banks know makes good financial sense. 

That’s not an easy task which is why Rich suggests working with real estate attorneys Eric Lanigan who has Florida law experience since he began practicing in 1976. 

Roddy Lanigan, an economics scholar and legal mind who graduated from Cambridge University and has worked on massive financial restructuring challenges for businesses and organizations. 

Call 407-740-7379 to meet with Eric at the Winter Park, Florida, office or Roddy to meet in the Orlando, Florida, location.